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Whether you need to update your intranet, respond to a crisis, announce an acquisition, train a new content manager, remind employees of annual benefits enrollment, or ensure employees are up to date on the latest happenings around the company, our consulting services  and employee communication plug-ins can help.

Governance Consulting Services

Create an effective governance framework to define the roles and responsibilities of the creation and management of content.

Intranet plus Teams

Microsoft Teams + SharePoint Intranet

Tap into the powerhouse combination of your SharePoint intranet and Teams.

Content & Channel Management

Velaku’s consulting services help your new or expanding content management team get set up for success.

Intranet Redesign

Intranet Redesign

Does your intranet need updating or redesigning? Does it need a little “oomph”?

COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information on repeat.

omnichannel messaging

WFH, Hybrid or Returning to the Workplace

Employees need up-to-date information they can really trust.

Crisis Communication

When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, speed is everything.

Benefits Enrollment

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and welfare benefits are more important now than ever before.

HR Communications

Information overload means your messages are probably getting lost.


Compliance Communications

Make sure critical compliance information is distributed, read, understood and acted upon.

Rumor Mill

Company-Wide Announcements

Get consistent information out to everyone, quickly and all at once.

Modernize leadership communications

Modernize Leadership Communications

Help leadership get their messages heard

M&A, Changes & Time Sensitive Announcements

When time is of the essence, don’t get bogged down.

Career Management/Personal Development

Encouraging personal growth should be easy and - dare we say it - fun.


The onboarding process is your first interaction with a new hire, and is a critical time to make a great impression.

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