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Putting HR in The Flow of Work

HRC365 on Devices
Consumer-Grade Experience

Best practice design delivers trusted ‘single-source-of-truth’ – vastly reducing service center inquiries.

  • Dynamic, data-driven navigation and information architecture.
  • Powerful, integrated, omni-directional search – from anywhere in Velaku and your SharePoint Online corporate intranet.
    • Optimized with HR specific keywords.
  • Fully configured pages, templates and foundational content.
  • Latest SharePoint Modern user interface.
HRC365 on Tablet
HR in the Flow of Work

Putting HR content and support – where and when people need it – directly in the flow of work.

  • Content searchable & accessible from:
    • anywhere within Velaku and SharePoint Online corporate intranet.
    • any Microsoft 365 application (PowerPoint, Word, etc.).
    • any device – desktop, phone, tablet.
    • any OS – Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Automated alerts and notifications.
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365.
HRC365 on Desktop
Personalized. Targeted. Curated.

Content is personalized, targeted and aggregated by the automated curation engine – ensuring the right content to the right user, every time.

  • Content automatically feeds into personalized navigation and page content.
  • Personalized notifications and content subscriptions.
  • Specialty Hubs targeted with: HR News, Policies, FAQs.
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Trusted & Secure

Built in native Microsoft 365 technology.

  • Implemented directly in your existing Microsoft Office 365 tenant.
  • Content, user data and credentials are owned, stored and secure in your Microsoft365 tenant at all times.
  • Authentication, security and integrations are managed by your existing Microsoft365 infrastructure.

Greater Engagement and Productivity

Velaku integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 so everyone can use it directly in the flow of work. We engage employees with HR content and services in ways that enable people to focus their time and energy on their work.
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Core Hub Employees
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Go Live in Weeks, not Months! (Seriously)

We know you’re frustrated by the status quo of digital HR experiences that fail to recognize that we are all people before we are employees. Velaku exists to transform the relationship with HR into one that is more human.


Velaku deploys quickly and efficiently – directly in your Office 365 tenant – with our pre-populated information architecture, taxonomy, termstore and content that delivers a personalized user experience in a matter of weeks, not months.


Best-in-class content capabilities make it easy for non-technical content owners to create, edit, curate and target content that is accessible on all desktop and mobile devices.


Velaku’s dynamic information architecture, coupled with the SharePoint Modern user experience, delivers a superb consumer-grade user experience. All content, user data, and security always reside on your Office 365 tenant.

Maximize Your Existing Microsoft Investment

  • Implementation directly in your existing Microsoft Office365 tenant means:
    • No additional infrastructure costs
    • No involvement with existing authentication or security
    • No changes to user data or profiles
    • No additional Microsoft license fees
    • No additional hosting fees
    • No specialized training
  • Rapid deployment in weeks, not months, delivers immediate value.
  • Powerful yet streamlined non-technical content management tools and  templates require little or no training.
  • Flexible implementation, managed support, content and advisory services ensure efficient, rapid deployment and ongoing operations without reinventing the wheel.
  • Built with industry best-practices and Microsoft PnP makes Velaku future-proof.
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