Lending support if you need it.

We care deeply about your success.  Our services are designed to lend support and help you make the most of Velaku, including:

  • Preparing you and your team for a seamless launch
  • Onboarding your content managers and admins
  • Advising you on how to make the most of Velaku

We offer four main areas of advisory services:



Rapid, Easy Deployment

We tailor each installation to meet your specific needs. Because Velaku works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 installation of our product typically takes less than an hour and only requires the involvement from someone with administrative access.

Once installed, Velaku will be humming along behind the scenes. Content managers will see Velaku functionality like Broadcast, Curate directly in the Microsoft365 apps they use most. No update or changes to security is needed.

Then it’s just a matter of choosing the best ways to take advantage of all that Velaku can do – which is where onboarding comes in.


Velaku is super easy for content managers to use – especially to anyone who’s managed content in SharePoint. We provide personalized training to your content managers so they can hit the ground running without any downtime or loss of production after deploying Velaku. Because Velaku uses core SharePoint feature/functionality for managing content, existing SharePoint training programs at your company can be very useful.

For FAQs on Implementation, click here.



Setting You Up for Success

Who might need our pre-launch consultancy services?

  • Organizations without an established communicator or communication  function
  • Anyone who has not managed content on an enterprise scale
  • Communications teams without formal content management roles
  • Organizations that want to migrate content from an old content system

Examples of services we’re commonly asked to provide:


Velaku’s content management services will support your efforts prior to and throughout launch, including:

  • Content manager training of Velaku (beyond the basic onboarding training session provided during installation)
  • Counsel and coaching to your company’s content managers and admin users
  • Content tools and guides to help facilitate a content audit (to determine what content may need to be created or migrated prior to launch, what can be prioritized for post-launch, etc.). This includes all types of content, including links to applications, documents, etc.
  • Content migration and project management
    • Weekly check-in sessions with those doing the content creation or migration, etc.
    • Ad Hoc coaching
  • Velaku can also provide all the necessary resources to manage content on a turn-key basis, or work closely with your staff.

We recommend that you have an initial governance plan in place prior to launch that outlines key roles and responsibilities for managing content.  Velaku can help you:

  • Create an governance framework (roles and responsibilities for creation and management of content)
  • Conduct working session(s) to get buy-in from your team members who will be involved in using Velaku and managing content
    • Provide a recommended approach to governance
    • Facilitate content community discussion and resolution
    • Provide summary recommendations
  • Provide a post-launch governance toolkit to bring new team members up to speed.


Who might benefit from post-launch consulting services?

  • Anyone who needs additional, high-level strategic services from our experts, who have years of experience in the field.
  • Teams who could use ongoing communication or content support, or technical admin counsel.

Velaku offers post-launch consulting services including:

  • Technical support and administration of Velaku and SharePoint, Teams, etc.
  • Ongoing content management – working with internal staff, in an outsourced capacity or a blend.
  • Ongoing governance consulting
  • Content manager support instruction & guidance on all aspects of the Velaku (including overall SharePoint advice and counsel beyond the Velaku solution itself)
  • Ongoing analysis and recommendations based on usage and adoption metrics
  • Promotion/change management strategy and tactics to drive user awareness and adoption.
  • Ongoing advisory consulting to help drive end user adoption.


Your Questions. Answered by Experts.

We offer two levels of support:

  • Core-level Support
  • Upgraded Support

Core-level support provides a comprehensive library of self-servce resources and training videos to help you take maximum advantage of Velaku.

Upgraded support provides live access to Velaku experts during normal business hours.

Who is a good candidate for upgraded support?

  • Companies that prefer on-demand assistance
  • Companies with a large or diverse group of content managers
  • Teams who lack a Microsoft365 expert or power-user
  • Companies who are new to Microsoft365

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