Our rapid implementation and ongoing support enables Velaku to eliminate the gap between the consumer experience and the employee experience.



Rapid Start, Agile Approach, Packaged Deployment

Our consultants combine decades of insights and skills in HR and employee communication, HR content, and HR service delivery, to effectively transform your content, communications, knowledge bases and strategies.

Velaku’s innovative technical packaging installs directly in your existing Office 365 tenant in a matter of days, not months. Our services then lend support to help you use our software to best advantage.


We use a variety of tools to get you up and running fast.

  • Velaku set-up guide
  • Velaku Administrator Guide
  • Content Stakeholder Orientation Workbook
  • Content Prioritization & Working Session Guide
  • Content Owner Guide
  • Content Inventory Workbook
  • Information Architecture Playbook
  • Implementation Project Plan

Almost finished before you start.

Velaku delivers all the heavy lifting – UX design, information architecture, templates, technical engineering – out of the box on Day 1 – significantly reducing implementation timing and drastically cutting project risk and cost.  You hit the ground running on Day 1 with a fully functional solution so you can meet your user’s specific needs.



The Fuel that Powers Velaku

We provide comprehensive services for creating, managing, migrating and maintaining content.

Our services can be utilized as part of implementation, and on a longer-term basis to manage Velaku.

  • Inventory content knowledge assets (e.g., policies, videos, training).
  • Prioritize content to be ‘migrated’, edited, deleted.
  • Validate migration plan & process.
  • Create and edit content
  • Migrate into Velaku
  • Automated and manual
  • Add enhancements (tags/metadata)
  • Orientation and training of content owners so they can migrate and publish content, including an overview of content plan and standards
  • Hands on support to help content managers create and publish content


Ongoing Operational Support Services

Our consultants help HR and Communication professionals meet today’s demands of, and anticipate the opportunities of, tomorrow. We provide support to maximize use of Velaku on an ongoing basis. We help you see these opportunities so that you can face your future with confidence. Contact us for a quote.


We provide ongoing technical support for Velaku to set up, manage, and drive end user adoption. Our technical teams are fully certified in Velaku and Microsoft technologies and our processes are aligned to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to ensure a high quality of service and measurable performance.


Our world-class support and maintenance teams are available to ensure Velaku runs at optimum performance.  You have access to our support desk five days a week during business hours. Additional 24×7 support agreements are also available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


We provide comprehensive and experienced resources to support ongoing operations to help you run, manage, track, and deliver successful outcomes with Velaku .

With an Velaku support contract you will get the help you need to set up, manage, and drive end user adoption for all Velaku features.



Bringing Digital HR To The Workplace.

We work collaboratively with you to create a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks, and think creatively about how to use Velaku to improve communication and business performance.

Our consultants work side-by-side with you at any or all stages of transformation, delivering confidence that the people, processes and technologies involved converge to create value in the future.

We deliver more than technology.

We partner with you to enable Velaku to attain unparalleled results.

Companies understand the importance of providing the right tools to enable collaboration and streamline business processes. Having impeccably designed digital solutions – such as Velaku – are an absolute necessity to achieving that goal.

However, the concept of a fully engaged and successful digital workplace encompasses more than just technology. Our consultants work with you to understand your business and then determine how Velaku can be tactically used to optimize your initiatives.

We bring together all the pieces including Velaku, as well as change management, adoption communication, content creation, and training to create a measured, agile framework that delivers results.

Digital HR Transformation

Cloud, mobile, new digital platforms and AI-powered apps are increasingly available to revolutionize how companies communicate with their employees, how HR operates and how HR services are delivered. Yet there remains a significant gap between the consumer experience and the workforce experience. A gap that Velaku eliminates.

We  create digital strategies that strengthen our customers digital mindset. Using Velaku we enable better experiences to better support the workforce.

  • Develop a vision for the digital workforce experience that aligns with the needs and expectations of the business and workforce.
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your current digital experience and recommend ways to improve them (e.g., elimination of steps, changes to roles in process, different timing, technology enhancements).
  • Build a digital transformation roadmap to get to a future state of greater effectiveness through efficiency, cost savings, improved workforce experience and business intelligence.
  • Develop a plan to drive adoption and monitor utilization.
  • Upskill your staff on capabilities needed in a digital world (e.g., Agile Project Management, Business Analysis, Experience Design).


Driving Adoption. Reducing Risk.

Velaku is often deployed with a change management plan to drive awareness and ensure that key stakeholders are on board with the changes. Our services encompass the full range of change management needs. Contact us for a quote.

  • Develop a strategy aligned to business outcomes
  • Define the workforce experience
  • Determine impacts of change
  • Develop executable change plans
  • Craft key messages
  • Determine a channel plan
  • Encourage user participation and involvement
  • Use Change Agents to drive early adoption
  • Quickly gather feedback after initial deployment
  • Continue post go-live communication
  • Use measurement to validate success and outcomes
  • Drive manager and employee accountability through performance

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