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We care deeply about your success and offer three main areas of consulting services to ensure it:



Setting You Up for Success

Out strategic services are designed to help you unlock the value and harness the power of Microsoft 365 specifically for employee and internal communications, the employee experience and improving your digital workplace.

Our counsel and best practices for managing content, extending and optimizing all your channels, targeting audiences, and managing a strong digital presence for your employees can be a big help.

Our expertise comes from years in the employee communications and intranet/digital workplace industry, years in giving expert advice and management consulting, years spent honing content marketing, and years working with Microsoft. 

We suggest starting with a quick call to evaluate where you are today, and where your biggest obstacles lie. 


Digital Communications, Digital Workplace and Intranet Strategy

  • Improving the employee experience 
  • Increasing engagement
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Evaluating existing communications, channels and processes
  • Optimizing your existing Microsoft 365 platform
    • SharePoint, Teams, Yammer & Viva
  • Recommendations
    • Channel management, expansion and optimization
    • Audience identification and targeting
    • How to make the most of your audience data

Microsoft 365 Optimization for Employee Communications

  • Unlocking the power of apps such as Teams, SharePoint, Yammer & Viva 
  • Adding more apps and plugins to make channels more effective
  • Deploying and configuring SharePoint
  • Onboarding and training
  • Ongoing support


Rapid, Easy Deployment


We work with you to deploy our Velaku solution, as well as design, configure and deploy Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Viva) to power your digital workplace.

Our Velaku solution works seamlessly and directly in Microsoft 365. Technical installation is fast – typically a few days and only requires the involvement from someone with administrative access to your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Once installed, Velaku will be humming along behind the scenes. Content managers use Velaku functionality like Broadcast or Curate directly in the Microsoft365 apps in which they currently manage content. No update or changes to security or authentication is needed.

Then it’s a matter of choosing the best ways to harness all that Velaku can do – which is where onboarding comes in.


Velaku is super easy for content managers to use – especially for anyone who’s managed content in SharePoint. We provide personalized training to your content managers so they can hit the ground running without any downtime or after deploying Velaku. Because Velaku extends core SharePoint feature/functionality for managing content, existing SharePoint training programs at your company remain very useful.

For FAQs on Implementation, click here.



Your Questions. Answered by Experts.

We offer two levels of support:

  • Core-level support provides self-service resources to help you take maximum advantage of Velaku and Microsoft 365.
  • Upgraded support provides access to Velaku experts.

Who is a good candidate for upgraded support?

  • Companies that prefer on-demand assistance
  • Companies with a large or diverse group of content managers
  • Teams who lack Microsoft365 experts or power-users
  • Companies who are new to Microsoft365

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