Here’s the fine print on how Velaku makes it easier for you, much better for your employees.

Content Where People Spend Most of their time - in the apps they use all day, every day.

Accessible, Seamless, Searchable Content

  • If you have Microsoft Office 365, you’re good to go.
  • Push your content into any Microsoft 365 app, including:
    • Teams
    • SharePoint
    • Yammer
    • Outlook
  • Familiar content tools and seamless, native integration with Office365 apps make it easy to create content.
  • Find content quickly and easily with a powerful search tool.
  • Content can be created or pulled in from anywhere – including other intranet sites and content sources.
Content Directly In the Flow of Work - screenshots

Curating Content is Easy and Automatic

  • Content is pulled together automatically, just like Trip Advisor.
  • Content can reside in third-party cloud solutions or within Microsoft Office 365 apps.
  • No need to recreate content or mess with migration.
  • Our pre-defined tags identify where the content lives. No need to remember where you put what.

Broadcasting Messages, Automatically

  • This is the fun part.
  • Broadcast your content automatically (no copy, cut, pasting needed).
  • Just click to tag your channels, apps, formats and devices where you want your content to appear.
  • Employees see your content in their Teams feeds, Yammer stream, in emails, in search results, on SharePoint pages and SharePoint Team Sites.
Content Management Tools

Easy-to-Use Content Management Tools

  • Easily add, tag and target content.
  • Embed and stream videos.
  • Real-time publication or use the powerful workflow tools for review and approvals.
  • Our sandbox is perfect to test out new ideas.

QuickStart makes getting started fast and easy

We’ve created plug-and-play QuickStart packages with everything needed to stand-up and launch a complete User Experience with just a few clicks. Simply choose from popular topics like Onboarding, News, Career, Marketplace or an HR Hub.

  • Created natively in Modern SharePoint.
  • Includes page templates like landing pages, content pages and more.
  • Pre-defined, pre-populated keywords and categories of terms optimizes searches and simplifies tagging.
Customizable Branding - screenshots
HRC365 on Tablet and iphone

Go Mobile with The App

  • Mobile-first user interface
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Automatically adapts to any device screen size

We’ve Got Your Back.

User support available from our content and tech wizards to help you with:

How To Demo
Usage Analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Our Analytics

Get insights into what your employees are searching, reading and responding to. Our reports and analysis give you data that you can use to make your content even better:

  • Big-picture statistics on
    • Who’s seeing your content
    • What they are searching on
    • What topics are they looking for
    • What device they are using
    • What region is the most responsive
  • Custom reports
  • Data-driven decisions are easy

See it in action!