Velaku’s ‘ah-ha’ moment came when we realized there was a unique opportunity to create real change for employee communications by leveraging the worlds most ubiquitous technology – Microsoft365 – in a way no one else was doing. We wanted to deliver an employee experience inside the workplace that would hold to the same standards that customers get by leveraging the ecosystem employees use most: Microsoft 365. 

We put our global, enterprise-scale experience into the development of a new employee communications solution. The result? A superb workplace solution natively embedded directly in Microsoft365 – including SharePoint, Teams and the new Viva. Velaku reshapes the employee experience in the way employee and HR communications happens – naturally, conversationally, seamlessly – directly in the flow of work.

What the heck is a Velaku?

The root of the name comes from the Italian word ‘vela’, meaning ‘sail’ because our Founder is an avid racing sailor.

Little known trivia: our solution was initially launched as HRConnect365, but customers told us they liked Velaku better. Since Velaku had been our company name all along, we changed the solution name to match.


Velaku is available in the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace and the Women In Cloud Solutions Marketplace, where we launched after graduating from a nearly year-long Microsoft Accelerator to co-build, co-market and co-sell Velaku. We fully leverage the scale, reach and resources of Microsoft for our customers.

We’re thrilled to have the power of our Microsoft Partnership behind our mission to transform the way companies communicate with and engage their employees.


Driven by our philosophy that employees should be treated and have communications like customers, our goal is quite simple: to improve the employee experience through communications and make it as seamless and comfortable as the customer experience. This means giving communications and HR professionals the tools within Microsoft365 to engage employees. The potential for communications now goes far beyond the decades-old use of mere intranets, portals and email.

Velaku makes it faster, easier and more effective for companies to engage employees by creating, distributing and activating content across multiple channels inside and outside the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

“No more hoops. No more hurdles. No more friction that makes engaging with employees feel like a day at the DMV.”

Michael Rudnick

What you may not know about Michael Rudnick

A lifelong sailor and New Yorker, Michael looks forward to the oh-so-brief New England summers when he can get out on the water without needing a drysuit. Michael is also an active volunteer for the sport, as the President of the LISOT Youth Sailing Foundation and the US I420 Class Association, as well as being active at Noroton Yacht Club. Michael’s volunteerism goes way back - he was a sailing race official at the 1996 Olympics. If your life also revolves around sailboat racing, he’d be happy to talk shop.

Michael Rudnick

CEO & Founder

With decades of industry experience, Michael’s unparalleled combination of subject matter expertise and business and technical experience includes over a decade leading the global portal business at one of the largest global HR firms.

Michael has spent his entire career working with and at Fortune 500 organizations to improve the way employees communicate, collaborate and connect using the latest digital tools and technologies. Now his experience can help you to succeed.

Advisory Board

The Velaku Advisory Board is a group of experienced strategic thinkers helping transform the employee experience. They are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that help organizations reach their potential.

Each understands real business needs in this era of digital transformation and the need to revolutionize the way people work by making organizations more connected, productive and effective.

Tom Brust

Vice President, Business Development, Genpact

Jack Goodman

Principal, Jack Goodman Communications, former VP, Thomson Reuters

Madeline McMenamin

Account Director (retired), Willis Towers Watson

Donna Tanenbaum

Founder & Senior Consultant, DGT Group, former CHRO

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