When time is of the essence, don’t get bogged down.

You’ll have your ducks in a row, ready for employees, long before anything goes public.

You’ll Be Ready

When the time comes to move quickly, you’ll be ready. With Velaku’s QuickStart template for M&A, you’ll have a SharePoint page with everything you need ready to go. As the details become available, you’ll be able to use Velaku’s Curate plug-in to pull content from trusted sources into a single source of truth – that stays automatically updated right up until, and then after, the big announcement.

Simultaneous Deliveries

With your announcement ready to go, Velaku’s one-click broadcasting to multiple channels means all employees get it as simultaneously as possible. And you can stay focused rather than worry about publishing manually to multiple channels.

No Delays

With a Broadcast plug-in from Velaku, there are no delays or leaks as one Microsoft 365 channel catches up to the others. This solution offers simultaneous delivery across multiple channels.

Control Messaging

Take control of the messaging with an approval funnel. With Velaku, information can be sent to one source for vetting and approval. Permission levels give managers and other leaders the ability to publish as needed. 

More Use Cases

Content & Channel Management

Velaku’s consulting services help your new or expanding content management team get set up for success.

Intranet Redesign

Intranet Redesign

Does your intranet need updating or redesigning? Does it need a little “oomph”?

COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information on repeat.