Encouraging personal growth should be easy and – dare we say it – fun.

Make career development something employees want to do.

Yawn No More

With Velaku’s Career Management QuickStart, we’ve created a fun and engaging site with everything employees need to self-manage their career.

Get it Together

Velaku’s Career Management QuickStart, coupled with curation pulls together all the relevant content for an employee around their career in one place.

Share New Opportunities

Employees aren’t always aware of all the opportunities the company offers for personal growth. Easily create reminders that they’ll see right in their feeds, like ads. These constant visual prompts won’t let them forget to get learning!

More Use Cases

HR Communications

Information overload means your messages are probably getting lost.


Compliance Communications

Make sure critical compliance information is distributed, read, understood and acted upon.

Rumor Mill

Company-Wide Announcements

Get consistent information out to everyone, quickly and all at once.