Get consistent information out to everyone, quickly and all at once.

Simultaneous broadcasts to everyone on multiple channels.

Simultaneous Deliveries

With your change announcement ready to go, Velaku’s one-click broadcasting to multiple channels means all employees will see it as simultaneously as possible.

Multiple Channels

A new CEO means scrambling to get the word out to everyone at just the right time. Velaku content management tools make it easy to createpost and broadcast with a single click across multiple channels, like Teams, Yammer, email or even Slack.  



Velaku’s one click publishing means the message gets out to multiple channels simultaneously. No delays as one channel catches up to the others.

The Right Information

Stop your announcements being lost in the email chain, or incorrect information popping up in Yammer. With Velaku’s syndication, your message can be placed in multiple channels, from Yammer to Teams, so information gets out quickly and accurately.

Seen Seamlessly

By simply tagging their content, content contributors enable their message to be curated and amplified across the organization. This means employees can see that content seamlessly, directly in the flow of work  

Rumor Mill

More Use Cases

Crisis Communication

When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, speed is everything.

Benefits Enrollment

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and welfare benefits are more important now than ever before.

HR Communications

Information overload means your messages are probably getting lost.