When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, speed is everything.

Velaku ensures you can stay ahead of the tsunami.

Multiple Channels, One Click

Getting the same message out on multiple channels requires time to create, post and monitor. Our Broadcast feature enables you create a message, choose on which channels you want it to appear, and use one click to publish. 

Approvals and Workflow

Take control of the messaging with an approval and workflow funnel. With Velaku, information can be sent to one source for vetting and approval. Permission levels give managers and other leaders the ability to publish as needed. 

New Page in Minutes

Velaku QuickStarts are pre-built sites and pages that can be deployed quickly and easily. These packages use Velaku’s curation feature to automatically pull together the latest content on any topic or subject matter, saving communicators huge amounts of time – and eliminating the need to create, design, develop, configure and test.


Don’t rely on just an email to get the message out. Velaku’s broadcast features let you use different channels for different types of information, as well as automatically leveraging the notification capability built into Microsoft365, so employees can be notified directly on any device –  laptops, iPad, or phone. 

More Use Cases

Content & Channel Management

Velaku’s consulting services help your new or expanding content management team get set up for success.

Intranet Redesign

Intranet Redesign

Does your intranet need updating or redesigning? Does it need a little “oomph”?

COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information on repeat.