Employees need up-to-date information they can really trust.

Ensure they get the information they need to know, when and where they need it. Without confusion or conflict.

Single Source of Truth

Keeping constantly changing content in a single source of truth resource is very time consuming for communicators, and confusing for employees. Velaku changes all this with automated curation and 1-click broadcasting that ensures the most current and relevant content is easily accessible, while publishing is quick and simple.

Targeted Messages

With regional differences and changing government rules, there’s a lot to keep track of.  Targeting audiences means employees in specific geographies get the right information.

Easy Site Stand-Up

Velaku’s QuickStart packages include pre-built SharePoint sites, pages and portals that can be deployed quickly and easily, saving communicators huge amounts of time – and eliminating the need to create, design, develop, configure and test.


Velaku’s broadcast features let you use different channels for different types of information, as well as automatically leveraging the notification capability built into Microsoft365, so employees can be notified directly on any device –  laptops, iPad, or phone. 

Message Received

Be sure your messages are being received, which channels are most effective, and how to balance volume with quality and targeting. Velaku’s analytics give you quantitative insights you need to know which channels and messages are resonating with which employee groups. Reaching today’s employees requires a data-driven mix of channels, including Teams, Yammer, SharePoint and email. 

omnichannel messaging

More Use Cases

Crisis Communication

When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, speed is everything.

Rumor Mill

Company-Wide Announcements

Get consistent information out to everyone, quickly and all at once.

Modernize leadership communications

Modernize Leadership Communications

Help leadership get their messages heard