Revolutionizing how employees find, discover, access, share and consume content.

Content Seamlessly In the Flow of Work

  • Content accessible from within any Microsoft application the user is working in — including Teams, SharePoint, etc.
  • Content searchable from anywhere within Velaku, Office365 and/or SharePoint Online intranet.
  • Integrated with Office365 apps and features including Outlook, PowerPoint, Notifications, etc.
  • Content can be generated in or originate in other Intranet sites.
Content Directly In the Flow of Work - screenshots

Content Curation

  • Content can be automatically curated from sources within Microsoft 365 and third-party cloud solutions.
  • Relevant content is pulled together around specific topics.
  • Curated pages designed to inform, promote, guide & enable.

Content Syndication

  • Content is automatically syndicated across multiple channels, apps, formats, devices.
  • Content appears seamlessly in the flow of work within Microsoft365 apps.
Site Templates

Hub Solution Packages

  • HR Hub
    • Guides
    • Policies
    • FAQs
    • Resource Library
  • News Hubs
  • Onboarding Hub
  • Career Hub
  • Marketplace Hub
  • Merger & Acquisition Hub

Accelerators for Rapid Deployment

Plug and play packages with everything needed to stand-up and launch a complete User Experience.

Specifically designed and pre-configured for use with other Velaku components:

  •  SharePoint Modern sites (including ready-to-go HR Portal)
  • Specialized page templates (landing pages, content pages, etc.)
  • Information Architecture and navigation
  • Multiples sets of pre-defined, pre-populated taxonomy (keywords, categories of terms) optimizes search and simplifies tagging.
Customizable Branding - screenshots
Content Management Tools

Easy-to-Use Content Management Tools

Quickly and easily add, edit and manage content using Velaku templates and enhanced content management tools, including:

  • Easily add, tag and target content using drag & drop (easy for non-technical resources)
  • Drag & Drop document libraries make it simple and fast to import files
  • Real-time publication
  • Embed and streaming videos in pages
  • Powerful workflow tools
  • Video and image libraries
  • Playground to test out content ideas before publication

HR2Go - Mobile-First App

  • Mobile-first user interface
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Mobile browser
  • Automatically adapts to any device size
HRC365 on Tablet and iphone
Information Architecture

Guides Accelerator

  • Velaku Guides help your users navigate their employee experience – like an internal Trip Advisor.
  • Each Guide is designed to curate advice, resources, news, and connection to apps from other platforms, all around a specific topic.

Content Management Support

  • Specialized indexes to simplify content review and audits
  • Content management guides
  • How-to videos
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Usage Analytics

Usage Analytics

Analytics reporting and analysis provide significant insight into user behavior. Velaku has a plethora of analytics features, including:

  • Overall site usage statistics
  • Search query statistics
  • Top keywords
  • Usage by page, by app, by geo
  • Custom analytics reporting

Specialty Hubs

Searchable anywhere within Velaku and Office 365

Push filtered lists of content onto any page within the Hub

Expand and instantly add new content on demand

News Hub
  • Curates News created from anywhere within Velaku
  • Users can “follow” favorite news channels
  • Easily generate and distribute news digests
Policy Hub
  • Works with both webpage and PDF formats
  • Built-in approval workflow
  • Categorize and filter
  • Pre-seeded with 20 most common FAQs
  • Promoted to the top of search results
  • Featured in HR2Go
  • Pre-seeded with 20 most common FAQs
  • Promoted to the top of search results
  • Featured in HR2Go

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