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How do I schedule a demo?

It’s easy. Just complete this form or contact us at [email protected].

What does the demo entail?

The standard demo is a 60 minute meeting to demonstrate Velaku. The demo can be held in-person or remotely, using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc.. It is helpful if you can give us some ideas of your particular goals or problems beforehand so we can customize your experience.

The demo will walk you through a set of user scenarios to demonstrate feature/functionality of Velaku across a variety of use cases and devices (desktop, mobile, etc.)

I would like to purchase Velaku, what do I need to do?

To purchase Velaku please email [email protected] or complete this form.  This will get you in contact with our sales team, who will be able to get the product in your hands as fast as possible.

Where is Velaku hosted?

Velaku is installed and, therefore, hosted directly in your Microsoft365 tenant. If you do not have an available tenant, we can set one up for you.

Does Velaku work with SharePoint On-premise?

Velaku is only available for deployment directly in Microsoft365 cloud tenants. Velaku is not available to use with on-premise SharePoint.

What version of SharePoint does Velaku work with?

Because Velaku is only available for deployment directly in Microsoft365 cloud tenants, it only works with the current versions of SharePoint that are apart of Microsoft365.

Does Velaku require its own hosting?

No. Because Velaku is deployed directly in your Microsoft365 tenant – it requires no additional hosting fees from Microsoft.

Can I deploy Velaku to my own datacenter or private cloud?

Velaku can only be deployed in the Microsoft365 cloud. Velaku is not available to use on-premise deployments in your own datacenter or private cloud.

Does Velaku run on a Mac?

Yes, Velaku runs on all platforms that run Microsoft365 – including Mac and Window’s operating systems and devices, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Is Velaku available for Mobiles and Tablets?

Yes, not only is Velaku fully responsive and compatible with all devices, Velaku also runs in all Microsoft365 apps for iOS and Android.

Does Velaku use Modern SharePoint ?

Yes, Velaku is deployed in Microsoft365, including Modern SharePoint.

Does Velaku include page templates?

Yes, Velaku’s QuickStart packages provide a full set of page templates. These templates can be used as you like.

Does Velaku provide custom branding? Can Velaku be branded to look more like my company or intranet branding?

Yes, Velaku QuickStarts have the same branding capability as Modern SharePoint.

How often are new upgrades available? Can I opt out?

Upgrades to Velaku are rolled out on on a quarterly basis. Each release will come with new features and functions, including information on any recommended training. Upgrades to the underlying Microsoft365 platform are rolled out by Microsoft on a regular and continuous basis.

How are new upgrades deployed?

Upgrades of Velaku are installed directly in your Microsoft 365 tenant by our engineers in coordination with your Microsoft365 technical team.

What type of services/support are available for Velaku?

We offer comprehensive advisory services, all of which are outlined on our services page. We also offer a two levels of support: Basic and Enhanced.

Is training available for Velaku content owners?

Yes, we can provide all the training you desire. Because Velaku uses core SharePoint feature/functionality for content management, it’s possible that existing SharePoint training programs at your company can provide the bulk of the training you desire.

What type of Service Level Agreements (SLA) do you offer for Velaku?

Velaku is deployed in your Microsoft365 tenant. As such, all SLAs for technical support of Velaku are consistent with  Microsoft’s SLAs for Microsoft365.

Can I use Velaku if we have already deployed a SharePoint accelerator?

Yes. Velaku is native to Microsoft365 and will operate on this platform regardless of whether any SharePoint accelerators are in use.

What is the pricing model for Velaku?

Velaku is based on a subscription model, which means you pay for a supported, evergreen product, rather than adding a stand-alone application to your organization’s tech stack. This provides you with the benefits of a low investment and high returns, as well as the financial security offered by predictable costs.

The subscription fee is based on the number of users (aligned with the customers’ license plan for Microsoft365). The support services packages are based on the level of support desired.

The fee consists of a base recurring subscription fee, optional enhanced support, a one-time implementation fee, optional advisory services, and optional content services.

We know that each of our customers are unique and we want to understand how we can best support your needs.  Please reach out to our sales team at [email protected] or by completing this form, for more information and the answers to any questions.

Special Pricing

Our passion for giving back to the organizations that support communities, especially in the education and nonprofit sectors, has had a formative effect on our business and products.


We believe in the mission of non-profit institutions and have special pricing to support your initiatives.


Our belief in education is reflected in our pricing for these institutions, with discounts for higher education (tertiary institutions, colleges, universities).

Please reach out to our sales team for more details.

What is involved in technical installation?

Velaku is installed directly in your existing Microsoft365 tenant.

How long does a typical install take?

Technical installation is very fast – about an hour.

While the technical installation itself takes no more than about an hour, the effort to prepare Velaku for launch to end users involves mainly content.  Therefore, a more common timeframe for most customers to launch is a few weeks. However, if the state of your existing content is relatively simple, Velaku can go live to users in a much faster timeframe.

Do you use Agile for implementation?

Yes, the launch and ongoing support services use an agile methodology.

Do you use Microsoft PnP?

Yes, we use PnP (Pattern & Practices), which is an initiative that include samples and guidance to transform full trust code solutions such as Velaku. PnP is community-driven open source project where Microsoft and external community members share learnings around implementation practices for Microsoft365, SharePoint and Office-related applications.

Can Velaku be installed directly from the SharePoint Store or Microsoft AppSource?

While Velaku is packaged for rapid technical installation directly on your Microsoft365 tenant, at this time it is not set up for self-installation directly from the SharePoint App Store or Microsoft’s AppSource.

Does Velaku integrate with Workday, SuccessFactors and other HR solutions?

Yes, Velaku can be set up to have SSO into most any solution, based on your internal security network and protocols.

Can I use a company other than Velaku to implement Velaku?

Currently Velaku is only available for technical installation by our team of experts. You are welcome to engage others to aid with content aspects of the project, such as conducting a content audit, inventory and/or writing or editing content that will be created or migrated onto Velaku .

Is Velaku as secure as Microsoft365?

Yes, because Velaku is deployed directly in your Microsoft365 tenant, which is hosted by Microsoft. For more information on security, see Microsoft’s Security Statement.

Does Velaku integrate with Active Directory?

Yes, because Velaku is fully deployed in your existing Microsoft365 tenant it uses all existing identity, authentication and security protocols in place with Microsoft365. Velaku does not require or involve any work with additional identity, authentication or security. See Microsoft Identity and Authentication.

How is content protected in Velaku?

All content used in Velaku is private to your organization, and resides at all times in your Microsoft365 tenant. Organizations can set their own policies for content retention, and administrators can adjust these settings to suit their specific needs. See Microsoft Content Security & Center.

Does Velaku provide SSO (Single Sign On) to other applications?

Velaku is deployed directly in your Microsoft365 tenant – and therefore, uses the security and authentication of your existing Microsoft365. As such, any SSOs that are already in place will work seamlessly. Likewise, should you desire to include SSO to systems not currently in place, you can set that up between the target vendor and your Microsoft365 tenant.

Is Velaku GDPR (EU’s General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

Yes. Because Velaku is deployed on your Microsoft365 tenant, which is hosted by Microsoft, and because Velaku only uses identity, authentication and security that is managed by your current Microsoft365 tenant, Velaku is GDPR compliant. For more information, see Microsoft GDPR Statement.

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