Insights and Data make Your Decisions Better.

Know exactly what content resonates with employees – where and when they consume it – for the most effective messaging and channel distribution.

Optimized, Data-Driven Decisions

Analytics provide you with real-time data on which channels and messages are resonating with your audience.] You can continually fine-tune messages, channels, timing and audience segments to best leverage all your options.  

No Guesswork

Use language, terminology and positioning that you know will resonate with your employees based on the numbers, not your gut. For Example, if email isn’t being opened, target another channel. If a reminder dropped onto a Teams feed is getting more sign-ups than a new article on your Intranetyou’ll know immediately. 

Engagement Soars

By crafting content that employees care about, and engage with, your communications is better trusted, more credible and reliable.

Make data driven decisions

More Use Cases

Content & Channel Management

Velaku’s consulting services help your new or expanding content management team get set up for success.

Intranet Redesign

Intranet Redesign

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COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information on repeat.