Work from Home & Returning to the Workplace

Many companies are giving employees the personal decision of if, when and how to return to the workplace. With regional differences and changing government rules, there’s a lot to keep track of. Employees need up-to-date information they can really trust.

Velaku’s solutions can give you the horsepower and breathing room you need.

THE PROBLEM: Keeping all this constantly changing content in a single source of truth resource is very time consuming for communicators, and confusing for employees. And most employees believe their intranet search is notoriously unreliable.

THE SOLUTION: Velaku’s broadcast, amplify and curate features provide you with the ability to keep employees informed about the constantly changing guidance and policies for long-term work-from-home and those returning to the workplace with a lot less effort, and far more effectiveness. Automated curation and 1-click broadcasting ensure the most current content is easily accessible, while publishing is quick and simple – saving everyone time and effort.

Velaku’s QuickStart Hub packages provide pre-built solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily, saving communicators huge amounts of time – and eliminating the need to create, design, develop, configure and test.

THE PROBLEM: With all the constantly changing information about working from home, or returning to the workplace, employees are overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the emails with the latest updates.

THE SOLUTION: By using Velaku’s broadcast solution, you can use different channels for different types of information, as well as automatically leverage the notification capability built into Microsoft365, which is also integrated into native Windows  operating system – so employees can be notified directly on their laptops or phones.

THE PROBLEM: You aren’t sure if your messages are being received, which channels are most effective, and how to balance sheer volume with quality and targeting.

THE SOLUTION: Velaku’s data analytics give you quantitative insights you need to make decisions on which channels and which messages are most effective, and resonate with your employee groups. Email isn’t the panacea, and the intranet is the flip-phone of the last era. Reaching today’s employees requires a data-driven mix of channels, including Teams, Yammer and even SharePoint Teamsites. If a survey dropped onto a Teams feed is getting more responses than posting in your intranet, you’ll know.

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