Your onboarding should be a simple “set it and forget it”.

Hello there, new employee! The onboarding process is your first interaction with your new hire, and is a critical time to make a great impression. Make sure you hit the right note with a process that is both comprehensive and easy to use.

Velaku’s solutions can give you the horsepower and breathing room you need.

THE PROBLEM: New employees don’t know where to go for information.

THE SOLUTION: Creating a single-source of information is easy with Velaku’s curated pages. Everything they’ll need, from the people they’ll need to meet to the resources they’ll need five months from now, it’s all in one easy to find place.

THE PROBLEM: Time sensitive messages get lost in email.

THE SOLUTION: Send the same message out to multiple places with just one click. Email, Yammer and Teams feeds can all be updated at once.

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