Crisis Communication

When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, you need to be able to move fast.

From a global pandemic to a hiccup in the distribution channels, there are times when you need to get messages out quickly and accurately. Our solutions make sure that you can keep up with the flow of information.

Velaku’s solutions can give you the horsepower and breathing room you need.

THE PROBLEM: Information is coming from multiple sources and being posted in different places.

THE SOLUTION: Take control of the messaging with an approval funnel. With Velaku, information can be sent to one source for vetting and approval. Permission levels give managers and other leaders the ability to publish as needed.

THE PROBLEM: Getting the same message out on multiple channels requires time to create, post and monitor.

THE SOLUTION: Our syndication feature means you create the message, choose where you want to put it, and click one button to publish. Sizing, placement and formatting is all taken care of for you.

THE PROBLEM: The timeline has changed. Did you remember to update your information everywhere?

THE SOLUTION: SharePoint pages are easy to maintain and change, even for non-technical users, and if you make a change in one place, it’s updated everywhere.

Our QuickStart Hub packages provide pre-built solutions that can be deployed quickly and easily. These packages use Velaku’s curation feature to automatically pull together the latest content on any topic or subject matter, saving communicators huge amounts of time – and eliminating the need to create, design, develop, configure and test.

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