COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information, often with little to no lead time, over and over and over again.

The pace of the COVID-19 has been hectic. Communications teams are in the spotlight, resulting in becoming one of the more visible and critical functions for the company. It’s a huge responsibility, with very visible accountability.

Velaku’s solutions can give you the horsepower and breathing room you need.

THE PROBLEM: Differing or conflicting information is being sent from multiple sources. Keeping track of what’s the most recent, accurate or valid is a challenge, especially as messages are posted in different places by different people.

THE SOLUTION: Velaku’s broadcast, amplify and curate features provide you with the ability to keep employees informed about the constantly changing guidance and policies for long-term work-from-home and those returning to the workplace with a lot less effort, and far more effectiveness.

THE PROBLEM: Maintaining and updating information is time consuming and open for errors.

THE SOLUTION: SharePoint pages are easy to maintain and change, even for non-technical users, and if you make a change in one place, it’s updated everywhere.

THE PROBLEM: It takes time to get the same message out on multiple channels.

THE SOLUTION: Our broadcast feature means you create the message, choose where you want to put it, and click one button to publish. Sizing, placement and formatting is all taken care of for you.

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