Annual Benefits Enrollment

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting impact on where and when employees are working, as well as their healthcare needs, health and welfare benefits are more important now than ever before. Yet the number of plan changes is not only significant, but affects more employees than ever.

Velaku can help you sail through Benefits Enrollment by vastly improving how employees learn about new plan changes, and the timelines for making those decisions, with Velaku’s automation curation, coupled with broadcasting and integrated reminders.

Open enrollment periods are made easier for HR communicators when the work is already done for you. Velaku’s Quickstart packages give you a head start, and the broadcast and curation tools make it fast and easy to ensure employees are aware of all the updates.

Velaku’s solutions can give you the horsepower and breathing room you need.

THE PROBLEM: Updating your yearly open enrollment SharePoint page with the latest information takes time and effort.

THE SOLUTION: With our QuickStart Hub packages, we provide an already curated SharePoint page that has all the tags, resources, images and more ready to go. All you have to do is add your own branding, saving you huge amounts of time and back and forth with the design team.

THE PROBLEM: Information is scattered in various places, confusing your employees.

THE SOLUTION: We’ll provide you with a single page that brings in all the resources you need from both inside AND outside the company with ease.

THE PROBLEM: Reminders go out to everyone.

THE SOLUTION: A simple grouping system means you can send targeted reminders to those who haven’t enrolled yet.

THE PROBLEM: You aren’t sure if your messages are being heard and which channels are most effective.

THE SOLUTION: Analytic reports give you data on what channel and what message is resonating with your audience. If email isn’t working, leverage Yammer instead. If a reminder dropped onto a Teams feed is getting more sign-ups, you’ll know.

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