Let’s make it easier for your employees, shall we?

Here’s a thought. Instead of an HR portal full of confusing links and hard-to-find answers, let’s give your employees a better experience.

Improve the user experience of your HR portal by using Velaku. You get to keep all your content without any migration. We’ll make it far more usable.

You’ll get:

  • Hyper-organized information
  • Consumer-grade user experience
  • Robust search

All so your employees can easily find what they need.
Quickly, easily, seamlessly, and logically.

Velaku comes with well-thought out information architecture, navigation, and a powerful set of pre-defined meta tags that make revolutionize navigation and dramatically improve search. Naming conventions, content tags, and topic clusters are already done for you – which sure beats starting with a blank sheet of paper.

Quick, easy, seamless and logical.

With an effective and efficient digital HR experience - including much better HR portal and knowledge base usability, backed by the best content organization and search available, your employees will actually enjoy working with HR, and your call center will become eerily quiet.

Curious to learn more? Let us explain.