Reach your employees effortlessly.
Get your message seen and heard.
Make it easy for employees to take action.
Sound impossible? It’s not.

The power of Velaku is that your communications are seen by employees directly where they’re working – without them having to navigate or search anywhere to see it. That’s because our solution works directly in all Microsoft Office 365 apps, so your content appears in:

  • SharePoint Intranets
  • SharePoint Team Sites
  • Yammer
  • Outlook
  • And Microsoft Teams

Instead of maintaining a resources website, intranet pages, an HR portal, emails or Slack messages, Velaku can push your content out, everywhere across Microsoft365. With just one click.

Multiple channels. Easy to use content management tools. One-click syndication. And metrics on how, when and where employees are  engaging with your content.

HRC365 on Devices

1-click syndication to multiple channels. Automated curation. QuickStart packages.

All of a sudden your communications got a whole lot more effective, and your job a whole lot easier.

See it in action!