Reach your employees effortlessly.
Get your content seen and heard.
Make it easy for employees to take action.
Sound impossible? It’s not.

Velaku’s solutions for employee communicators make your job easier. Your content is seen by employees directly where they’re working – without them having to navigate or search anywhere to see it. That’s because Velaku plugs directly into Microsoft365 so your content appears seamlessly in:

  • Teams
  • SharePoint Intranets
  • SharePoint Team Sites
  • Yammer
  • Outlook

Instead of separately managing intranet pages, HR portals, Yammer posts, email messages and Team posts, Velaku pushes your content out seamlessly, everywhere across Microsoft365. With just one click. And employees see your content without having to learn to use another new tool.

Multiple channels. One-click syndication. Easy to use content management tools.  And analytics on how, when and where employees are engaging with your content.

HRC365 on Devices

1-click syndication to multiple channels. Automated curation. QuickStart packages.

Using Velaku your communications got a whole lot more effective and engaging, and your job a whole lot easier.

Use Cases

Governance Consulting Services

Create an effective governance framework to define the roles and responsibilities of the creation and management of content.

Intranet plus Teams

Microsoft Teams + SharePoint Intranet

Tap into the powerhouse combination of your SharePoint intranet and Teams.

Content & Channel Management

Velaku’s consulting services help your new or expanding content management team get set up for success.

Intranet Redesign

Intranet Redesign

Does your intranet need updating or redesigning? Does it need a little “oomph”?

COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 communications means delivering critical, constantly changing information on repeat.

omnichannel messaging

Work from Home & Returning to the Workplace

Employees need up-to-date information they can really trust.

Crisis Communication

When you’ve got to get accurate information out quickly, speed is everything.

Rumor Mill

Company-Wide Announcements

Get consistent information out to everyone, quickly and all at once.

Modernize leadership communications

Modernize Leadership Communications

Help leadership get their messages heard

M&A, Changes & Time Sensitive Announcements

When time is of the essence, don’t get bogged down.

Make data driven decisions

Insights & Data Make for Better Decisions

Insights and Data make Your Decisions Better

See it in action!