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    Feb 13 2019


    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Webinar: The New Digital HR Experience

    Webinar Leader: Michael Rudnick, Velaku

    The next generation of HR technology has arrived and it’s being powered by a most unlikely platform: Microsoft. Moving beyond separate and disconnected HR applications and back-office process automation, the Microsoft 365 platform and Modern SharePoint experience are putting HR directly into employees’ daily flow of work.

    As Deliotte’s Josh Bersin recently said, “you have to think about how to stop interrupting people and think about how to make their work easier, more productive, and more meaningful. We need to stop thinking about HR programs as a ‘destination’ and think about them as a ‘journey’ or an ‘intervention’ or a ‘conversation’.”

    While Microsoft doesn’t specifically make or sell HR technology, per se, their cloud-based 365 ecosystem is powering a new generation of HR solutions that are poised to upend many traditional HR vendors.

    This webinar will show what these new Digital HR experiences look like for employees and managers – that are light years ahead traditional HR portals – enabling people to literally interact with HR without pausing in their work.

    Three key learning objectives:

    • Understand how the digital HR experience has changed to meet the demands of a mobile-first, always connected workforce.
    • Understand the impact Microsoft 365 is playing in digital HR transformation
    • See examples of how to best leverage new cloud solutions to meet these demands of today’s workforce.