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    Dec 10 2019


    2:00 pm - 2:40 pm



    Webinar: 2020 Vision – Transforming The Employee Experience Thru a Customer Experience Lens

    71% of employees say their company doesn’t provide an employee experience that’s as good as what they experience as a customer.  It’s time for a new approach.

    We’ll show you 4  innovative ways to apply customer-experience best practices to revolutionize your employee experience:

    • Create an internal “Trip Advisor” digital experience that guides employees thru their daily journeys.
    • Deliver a digital experience that’s a truly seamless, useful, comfortable and friction-free like people get from consumer-grade experiences.
    • Make content easy to see and use by publishing into familiar apps employees use every day.
    • Provide relevant content and communication to employees before they even realize they need it.

    You’ll see these and other examples of employee experiences that are more effective than hip office space or trendy perks, and learn how to quickly and easily create experiences your employees will really love – with little risk or cost.

    Bring your questions – the final 10 minutes will be a live Q&A

    Webinar Leaders

    Susan Sanders
    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Velaku

    Donna Tanenbaum
    Founder, DGT Group; Former CHRO